Truth with Polygraphs

Cuesta Polygraph offers polygraph examinations to law enforcement agencies, attorneys, businesses, organizations and private individuals throughout California.

Polygraph examinations are used to verify truth and determine deception. In criminal and civil matters, polygraph examinations can enhance an investigation by helping to clear the innocent and identifying the guilty. These are just some areas in which the use of the polygraph has been proven valuable.

  • Law Enforcement
    Local, State, Federal agencies. Issues include Internal Affairs, Probation/Parole Compliance, Criminal Examinations, etc.

  • Legal
    Defense Attorney Confirmatory and Exploratory Matters, Law Suits, Family Court, Custody Issues, etc.

  • Pre-employment
    Law enforcement, Gaming/Casinos, Armored Transport, etc.

  • P.C.S.O.T. - Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing
    Sexual History, Instant Offense, Maintenance and Monitoring examinations. See California Sex Offender Management Board by Clicking Here.
  • E.P.P.A. - Employee Polygraph Protection Act
    Employer generated for Theft, Fraud, Embezzlement issues, etc. See U.S. Department of Labor Guidelines by Clicking Here.


  • Private
    Family issues, Infidelity, Theft, Alcohol and Drug use, etc.

Cuesta Polygraph conducts all examinations using the Stoelting Computerized Polygraph System Pro (CPS Pro). CPS software was developed by David Raskin, Ph.D. and John Kircher, Ph.D. at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Extensive validation studies were conducted under the auspices of the National Institute of Justice and the United States Secret Service. CPS software evaluates the psycho physiological responses that occur during each question segment and computes the probability of truthfulness or deception.